Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday 23rd January 2010, a one-day course simply titled  

'Stonehenge' will be held at the University of Oxford (England).
Through the presentations to this dayschool you will get behind the
headlines and hear directly from those whose work at Stonehenge is
changing our understanding the monument and its landscape, and
reshaping the way it is presented to the public.
The presentations will include: Beyond Stonehenge (Tim Darvill);
The Stonehenge Riverside project (Mike Parker Pearson); The Stonehenge
landscape before Stonehenge (Julian Thomas); From house to Temple:
exploring the architecture of timber and stone monuments in the late
Neolithic of the Stonehenge region (Joshua Pollard); Merlin's magic
Stones: Stonehenge and the bluestones (Tim Darvill); Future plans and
developments (Amanda Chadburn).
Tuition fee: £44.00. Accommodation is often available in Rewley
House for those who wish to stay on the night before a course. Please
contact the Residential Centre on 01865 270362 for details for
availability and prices. If you have any questions about this course,
please email

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